Essentials for Shooting a Wedding
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Essentials for Shooting a Wedding

Grooms getting ready

  • Boys helping groom with wedding dress
  • Big smiles
  • Hugging and ruffing up the groom!

Small Details = Whole Story

The small details that a couple has spent hours upon hours planning deserve to be photographed.

Keep Calm

Don’t let the pressure of the day overwhelm you. There is no point in having a mental breakdown at the wedding. The couple will lose confidence in your ability.

Use People

Create depth in your imagery by using crowds of people and focussing on the couple.

A Photograph of Everyone

This is one of our wedding photography tips that is simple and easy to execute at every wedding.

Jabbar Jamil

Jabbar Jamil is a photographer who has studied B.F.A in Photojournalism, yet his photographic focus is on street photography. Capturing fleeting moments that would normally go unnoticed. Jabbar wants to bring attention to the forgotten ignored areas around him.

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